May 25

Online gambling can be one of the most entertaining and fun activities on the net, but no one wants to take it too far. At all times it’s important to keep control of your situation and not to take things too far, we all know that. However, it’s not uncommon for players to fall in to the trap of gambling addiction, when playing at the great online casinos such as Lbapuestas, without noticing it until it’s already too late.

In order to keep your gaming safe there are a few things you should check up on within yourself.

Gambling addiction is purely psychological, and the mind works in strange ways and isn’t always so easy to understand. Do you often find yourself thinking about gambling, even when you’re supposed to other things, like for example work? This does not mean you have a problem yet but it’s important to understand that these thoughts mean that you subconsciously long for your next gaming session. You can read more about this on sites like as well as Casinozx, which both has some interesting articles on how to control your gaming.

The next thing to be aware of is how you play when in an online casino. Do you have a hard time to leave the game when you’re doing good and winning money? People with addiction-personalities often end up losing all the money they deposited into the casino even if they win really big in the beginning, because they feel that the win is never big enough. Realize that you are never going to beat the casino in the long run, so it’s better to make a withdrawal straight after you’ve had a big win rather than keep on playing to win even more.

Make sure that the casino you play at has a deposit limit that you can activate. This means  that you can limit the amount of money you can deposit in to the casino every week/month, making it much easier to keep your finances in control. Jugar Online has reviewed many of the world’s most popular casino’s, most of them promoting healthy play and deposit limits, so it might be worth checking out if you’re having a hard time deciding when choosing your casino online.

Another tip is to set up a little gaming-schedule for you to follow. This will keep you from always logging in to your account whenever you have some free time left, and help you to be disciplined about your game. Take an hour up to three times a week which is “casino-hour” and play. When the hour is done, follow the time schedule and end the game, regardless of what your results have been!

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